One Bowl Apple Cake

Okay. So it’s not the best looking cake around, but it’s super moist, tasty, and best of all, the perfect thing to make with the kiddos. The ChowPapa’s mama shared this recipe while here helping with Oliver. Because the whole thing can be made in one bowl, she and Isaac were able to whip it up in a snap. This doesn’t have to be a big rainy day baking project—it’s easy enough to make (and clean up!) on a whim. And you’ll still have time to hit the playground.

Your best bet is to prep the apples on your own before you bring your ChowBaby into the kitchen. (Consider peeling them so that you have “ribbons” leftover—they were a hit with Isaac!) Then, bring her in for one bowl measuring and mixing. Bake and enjoy for breakfast, snack or dessert. Have fun!


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